Urban Poetry on The Waterfront

I remember watching On the Waterfront as a child during one of my late-night movie marathons. This one packs quite a punch and it’s a definite must-see! Before The Godfather came along, Marlon Brando was Terry Malloy, inarticulate, struggling, yet tough, washed-up, ex-prize fighter turned longshoreman and brutish hero. Brando gives the performance of his career with On the Waterfront and deservedly wins an Academy Award for it. This is a simple, yet compelling story of individual failure and social corruption. This film, directed by Elia Kazan, tells of Malloy’s struggles in the New York docks where mobsters control the Union and stevedores. It has everything, intense drama, great emotion from the talented cast of performers, brilliant direction, a classic musical score by maestro Leonard Bernstein, savory, streetwise dialogue, and Brando’s inate ability to combine his method acting style with his own inner turmoil creating powerful screen magic, it’s a masterpiece in urban poetry.

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