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Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake in Preston Sturges’ Sullivan’s Travels

Joel McCrea plays a director in Sullivan’s Travels. He has carved out a career of churning out one comedy after another. He remains unfulfilled and longs to make a “serious” film, one that would allow him to leave his mark not only in the film industry but on the world. Successful, yet spoiled and naive, John also has a heart of gold, he wants to make a film about the troubles of the poor and the downtrodden and the only way to make a truly meaningful film is to experience this life first-hand.

Needless to say, the studio heads balk at this idea of fooling with the success of their profitable comedies, an obvious cash cow. Much to their chagrin, John dresses the part and sets off on his odyssey with just a dime in his pocket.

Preston Sturges who wrote and directed the film takes an thoughtful look at the human condition. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, you’ll come face to face with yourself, what’s important to you in your life.

it is a deeply moving experience to watch this film, and there’s no denying its message. Its one that will stay with you long after the final credits have rolled off the screen.

The fact that Sturges manages to deliver it in such a sensitive manner is a testament to his writing skills. Veronica Lake co-stars here in one of her first leading roles. You will totally fall in love with her! Try to catch this wonderful film on tv some time, it has a solid reputation and it is well-deserved.

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