The Vanishing Craft of the Cheongsam – Oh-So Sumptuous Figure-Hugging Traditional Dresses from Linva Tailor

Linva Tailor founder and owner Sifu Ching-Wah Leung

Linva Tailor founder and owner Sifu Ching-Wah Leung 2.jpg

Linva Tailor was founded in 1965. It is Hong Kong’s most prominent purveyor of Cheongsams, the famous and oh-so sumptuous figure-hugging traditional Chinese dresses. Sifu Ching-Wah Leung, founder with his wife, he is the master tailor who heads up this establishment.

He has kept up the traditions of this vanishing craft as he is surrounded with fine, often sublime silk dresses and fabrics encrusted with beads, sequins, embroidered and vibrantly coloured materials. This is where actress Maggie Cheung‘s dresses were so lovingly crafted for the film In the Mood for Love and where Ms. Cheung herself has for her cheongsams created.

If you’re in the mood for a cheongsam and you have a week to spare, just call Mr. Leung to make an appointment for a measurement and fitting and you will be carrying home with you one of these beautiful dresses.

Linva Tailor – 38 Cochrane Street, Central +852 2544 2456

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