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North by Northwest is a Cinematic Masterpiece

These iconic images are from Alfred Hitchcock’s gripping spy thriller North by Northwest. Ever the master, the director mixed action and suspense, sexual tension and comedy to make what is easily one of his best works in a long list of cinematic masterpieces. Cary Grant stars alongside Eva Marie Saint, James Mason and Martin Landau.… Continue reading North by Northwest is a Cinematic Masterpiece


Urban Poetry on The Waterfront

I remember watching On the Waterfront as a child during one of my late-night movie marathons. This one packs quite a punch and it’s a definite must-see! Before The Godfather came along, Marlon Brando was Terry Malloy, inarticulate, struggling, yet tough, washed-up, ex-prize fighter turned longshoreman and brutish hero. Brando gives the performance of his… Continue reading Urban Poetry on The Waterfront